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CAS PushPull Plugins

Chris Mattmann has created a project at Github called oodt-pushpull-plugins to house some non Apache released Push Pull protocol plugins that contain runtime and compile-time dependencies on LGPL licensed plugins. This is not officially Apache sanctioned code and users should leverage it at their own risk.

Protocol Plugins

Currently the project hosts 2 plugins that implement the org.apache.oodt.cas.pushpull.protocol.Protocol interface for FTP. The plugins leverage the Ftp4Che and JvFtp LGPL licensed libraries to connect to remote sites.

Building and Installing the plugin Jars

Follow the steps below to install the oodt-pushpull-plugins Jar file.

  1. git clone https://github.com/chrismattmann/oodt-pushpull-plugins.git
  2. cd oodt-pushpull-plugins
  3. mvn install

Then you'll have a Jar file called oodt-pushpull-plugins-core-0.6-SNAPSHOT.jar.
You can use it 2 ways:

  1. drop that Jar file into $PUSHPULL_HOME/lib, and then reference the new ftp plugins (Ftp4CheFtpClientFactory and JvFtpClientFactory) in the PushPull ProtocolFactoryInfo.xml file (which is in the $PUSHPULL_HOME/policy directory). 
    Notes: (1) Please also comment out the old ftp plugins (CogJGlobusFtpProtocolFactory and CommonsNetFtpProtocolFactory) in the PushPull ProtocolFactoryInfo.xml file, so that the PushPull will use the new ftp plugins instead of the old ones.
    <protocol type="ftp">
    	<!-- <protocolFactory class="org.apache.oodt.cas.protocol.ftp.CogJGlobusFtpProtocolFactory"/> -->
        <!-- <protocolFactory class="org.apache.oodt.cas.protocol.ftp.CommonsNetFtpProtocolFactory"/> -->
        <protocolFactory class="org.apacheextras.oodt.cas.pushpull.protocol.ftp.Ftp4CheFtpClientFactory"/>
        <protocolFactory class="org.apacheextras.oodt.cas.pushpull.protocol.ftp.JvFtpClientFactory"/>

    (2) Please also download the Ftp4Che and JvFtp LGPL licensed libraries, and drop all the jar files into $PUSHPULL_HOME/lib directory, so that the new ftp plugins (Ftp4CheFtpClientFactory and JvFtpClientFactory) could leverage these two libraries. 

  2. use it in your Maven2 project by adding a dependency on:

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