The PCS Operator Interface is a whiz bang interface for bringing together all of the CAS/PCS components (file manager, workflow manager, resource manager, crawler, etc.) under one roof, and for monitoring their status, file ingestion, job processing, etc., and then for browsing the files and metadata collected, and jobs/workflow processes being run. Provenance and pedigree are made available and tied together through the PCS trace tool which is integrated into the interface, and health and monitoring is provided by the PCS stat tool also integrated into the interface.

This is a Quick Start for getting PCS OPSUI running.

Youtube Video from ApacheCon NA 2011

Andrew Hart took this Youtube video demonstrating a live deployment of PCS OPSUI. Yes, I did this live.


OPSUI PCS Status Page

OPSUI Main Page

OPSUI "Classic" Theme from the Orbiting Carbon Observatory


Building from src

  1. Make sure all of the environment variables referenced here: are defined in your environment.
  2. Type mvn install tomcat:run-war (this will run a local instance of tomcat on port 8080 with the built WAR webapp file for the opsui).
  3. Visit http://localhost:8080/pcs-opsui/

Using the WAR directly from the central repository

  1. Grab WAR from
  2. Install Tomcat, or have a Tomcat server running
  3. mkdir /usr/local/opsui
  4. copy the WAR file into /usr/locall/opsui
  5. copy into /usr/local/opsui, and rename the file to pcs-opsui.xml
  6. Edit pcs-opsui.xml and make sure that the <Context docBase="/usr/local/opsui/pcs-opsui-0.5.war"> is set
  7. Make sure Tomcat isn't running
  8. Sym link pcs-opsui.xml to $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/Catalina/localhost/pcs-opsui.xml
  9. Turn on Tomcat
  10. Visit http://localhost:<TOMCAT_PORT>/pcs-opsui/
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