This document describes the steps involved in skinning the OPSUI web application and/or using the pre-existing skins.

Using existing skins

Currently, 3 skins are provided by default within OPSUI. See below for examples. 

Skin name


"cleanwhite" (default)



To switch between skins:

  1. Open up the 'context.xml' file within your deployed webapplication archive (war) file. This is usually located within opsui/META-INF/context.xml
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the file
  3. Change the value for the property "" to one of the values listed in the above table.
  4. Reload your web-application, or restart your servlet container. 
    1. NOTE: if you have deployed a ".war" file within tomcat/webapps, in order to change your context.xml without having your changes overwritten, you must deploy your webapp as a pre-extracted directory within webapps. If you do not do this, than your modifications to context.xml may be ignored or overwritten each time tomcat restarts. 

Create your own skin

Coming soon...

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  1. Rishi Verma did you ever manage to create a custom skin for OPSUI?

    1. Lewis John McGibbney, I did in fact manage to. The skin titled "cleanwhite" (default) was a custom skin I had made. Unfortunately, I didn't document the steps to make this (sorry!); however, you can check out the JIRA issue pertaining to this work for details on the steps taken and the code revisions made to change / add skins:  OODT-597 - Getting issue details... STATUS


      Hope that helps!