The OODT 0.1-incubating dependency fixer tool allows for OODT 0.1-incubating components to be built and installed within a user's local maven repository. The tool seeks to address the build issue described in the following JIRA issue: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/OODT-137


  1. Maven 2.2.0 +
  2. Ant 1.7.1


  1. Obtain dependency fixer tool (not yet available.. stay tuned)
  2. By default, all OODT 0.1-incubating components are downloaded, built, and installed. A subset of OODT 0.1-incubating components can be specified by editing the following file:
  3. Run the dependency fixer tool by navigating to the root directory of the dependency fixer package, and issuing the following command:
     sudo mvn validate 
  4. Monitor the progress and status of the dependency fixer build by viewing logs within
  5. It is possible the build may fail before completing. Re-issuing the mvn validate command may fix the build error, this type of situation is possible.
  6. If the build is successful, you are done! Make sure to validate by checking the maven log files within 'target/'
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