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A Linux Standalone version of Wings + OODT (based on XAMPP for Linux) is available.
You can download the Linux standalone version of Wings + OODT (file manager and workflow manager) from here:


As root, extract the downloaded file in /opt
It will create a directory called /opt/lampp. It will not affect anything else on your system.

As root, run chown -R nobody:nobody /opt/lampp

Starting Portal Services

As root, run /opt/lampp/

Note: This will run on non standard ports for httpd (7780), mysqld (7306), tomcat (28080), oodt file manager (29000) and oodt workflow manager (29001). So hopefully, it should not conflict with anything that you already have running.

Accessing the Portal

Go to http://localhost:7780/portal (if this has been installed to localhost)
Login Username: admin
Login Password: admin123

I've installed 2 sample domains "Wordbags" and "DMDomain" here to play around with. You can import these domains into your account by going to the "Manage Domain" interface, and importing from the system domains shown at the bottom of the page.

To make a domain use OODT, select "OODT" as the Execution engine for the domain in the "Manage Domain" interface.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Manage Data needs to be opened after the Execution engine of a domain is first set to OODT. This is necessary to upload all data and metadata information from Wings to the file-manager for the 'first time sync'.

Run workflows via the "Run Workflows" interface.

Accessing the ModX Manager Interface

The Wings workflow Portal runs on top of the ModX CMS system. In order to access the Configuration of ModX CMS:
Go to http://localhost:7780/portal/manager (if this has been installed to localhost)
Same login as before. (admin/admin123)

Here you can create new users, change portal settings (Configure->Workflow Portal), edit home page text etc.

Stopping Portal Services

As root, run /opt/lampp/

Uninstalling Portal

First make sure that Portal services are stopped (above command)
Then, delete the /opt/lampp directory

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