For RC build, I propose below testing plan:

1. Installer testing
Focus on installation testing on below major platforms:

  • Windows 7 64/32 bit
  • Windows Vista 64/32 bit
  • Windows XP SP2
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux(RHEL) 64 bit/32 bit
  • Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit/32 bit
  • Mac OS 10.7(Lion)
  • Mac OS 10.6.x
  • Mac 10.5

Additional Platform are suggested:

  • FreeBSD 9.0/8.2
  • OS/2
  • Solaris x86 10

2. Extension testing
Volunteers can get the extension list from: (??)

  • Directory
  • Extensions based on OOo (Verify they still works with IP clearance work done in AOO 3.40
  • Extensions based on AOO (View by "Most Recent" category on extension page)

3. Basic Interoperability Testing
The test scenarios cover:

  • Load
  • Save
  • Reopen

And the interoperability cover both compatibility with MS office 2003/MS office 2010 and old OOo versions.

4. General testing
Do free testing on AOO six components, Math, Base, Draw, Impress, Writer, Calc for three days.

5. Globalization and Translation testing
If other languages build are offered as RC builds(seems we will only have English only RC build for AOO 3.4), quick globalization and translation testing will be done. Which include:

  • Check the UI
  • Switch locale and check some culture related functions, such as currency, date, formula etc.

The above testing are supposed to be done during 1 week and during this week, if no critical issues are reported, we can say the RC build is ready to ship based on vote.

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