All copies from /trunk/content.

JS Files

DO NOT CHANGE names on the .js files for now (we may do it later). This will make fallback easier if we need to revert back to 3.3 download. Generally, they can not be used with 3.3.

  1. Copy /download/test/download_new_dl.js to /download/download_new_dl.js
  2. Copy /download/test/languages_new_dl.js to /download/languages_new_dl.js
  3. Copy /download/test/download_new_mirrobrain.js to /download/download_new_mirrorbrain.js
  4. Copy /download/test/globalvars_new_dl.js to /download/globalvars_new_dl.js

Other files including new index.html

*The following files require an overwrite of existing files *

  1. Copy /download/commons/instructions_3.4.html /download/commons/instructions.html
  2. Copy /download/test/other_new_dl.html to /download/other.html
  3. Copy /download/test/index_new_dl.html /download/index.html
    (requires "newly" named js files. We may change later when we're sure we don't need to make additional changes.
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