The following table is intended to collect and document new features, enhancements or other working areas related to the next major release AOO 4.0.

The status can be tracked highlevel for example by using the colors


in progress




More detailed description or potential specifications (as base for documentation, QA, development) should be provided on demand on linked feature sub-pages. And a corresponding Bugzilla ID should be provided for detailed tracking.

Proposed Release Schedule

03/01 function verification test will start, define test case, prepare tests etc.
04/04 integrate sidebar branch in trunk, other new features should be finished by this date as well.
04/05 - 05/15 regression testing will be start on trunk
04/05 - 05/15 bugfix and stabilization, no feature development
04/08 - 05/15 translation -> ~5 weeks for updating the new strings
05/21 RC1
06/04 RC2
06/18 RC3 (optional), can be GA already
06/25 GA

Release schedule modification as per "dev" mailing list:

  • Translation work: Wednesday June 19th, update Pootle with sidebar help and provide Po files for all current languages available on Pootle.
  • Translation work: Monday July 1th, deadline for the localization, it always takes more time to merge it back and fix potential problems
  • New logo: Monday July 1th, deadline for logo integration
  • Final cleanup: Wednesday/Thursday July 3/4th, provide last snapshot build with all available translations, logo if finished etc.
  • Release candidate: July 9th
  • Release vote: 7/11 - 7/14
  • Release notes and final documentation/websites preparation: 7/11 - 7/14
  • Uploading to distribution areas: 7/14 - 7/15
  • Release announcement: 7/16

Proposed Release Contents








MS Office interoperability enhancements

Many MS Office interoperability enhancement and defect fixes across Writer, Calc and Impress.
Here is the wiki of samples .
For complete list, please refer to the query here.





Performance improvements for loading and saving of documents

General performance improvements, especially on document loading and saving. The content of .odt and .odp files can be displayed before the whole document is loaded. Better usability by improved application response.

Ma Yong Lin


Completed tasks:
Saving odt

Loading xls

Saving xls


Property Sidebar

A user interface improvement to allow easy and fast access to manage object properties. A concept to replace or as an alternative to toolbars. Task panes are used to allow more vertical space for the document area and to make use of current common wide screen displays.

Andre Fischer
Wang Lei
Kevin Grignon (UX design)

In progress

Delivered to Trunk. Testing and bug fix on going.

Sub-wiki created for this feature.
UX Design Explorations created on AOO UX wiki for this feature. Implementation wiki created for this feature.


More Gallery

Build in more cliparts from Symphony into the gallery

Armin Le Grand




Add Symphony gradients

when looking at Symphony I saw that there are some much nicer default
gradients provided for user's convenience. Our current ones are medium
usable (maybe created by developers), but still present in Symphony,
too. To easily see what I'm talking about I have created two files:
- A Impress doc
- The same as png
I propose to do the same as in Symphony: Add the lower symphony ones
additionally. It's not much space (in the install set ;-)) and offers
much nicer to-go gradients.

Detailed proposal in dev mail here.

Armin Le Grand




Adopt palette to Symphony palette partially

Detailed proposal in dev mail here.

Armin Le Gran




Platform Refresh

The codebase is quite old, uses APIs that have been deprecated/unsupported for many years and has build requirements that are obsolete and hard to becoming increasingly harder to fulfill.

For the major release we need to focus on the things that are critical from a binary compatibility standpoint:
Support the official JRE on MacOSX Apple's JRE6 is deprecated and the official JRE7 is only available as 64bit

Herbert Duerr

In progress

Development work ongoing.



"" --> "Apache OpenOffice"

Adapt naming from "" (and its variants) to "Apache OpenOffice"

Oliver-Rainer Wittmann


See Issue 121388.


Interoperabilty improvement with MS Word on Table of Contents

  1. The TOC data of a MS Word document is not parsed completely.And actual TOC data is from silently updating once a MS Word Document loaded.Thus,the fidelity can not be ensured especially when the document contents that impact TOC have been changed after creating TOC in MS Word.So,we propose to implement the TOC loading process to replace the update action.
  2. The tab between chapter number and TOC entry lost when loading a MS Word document,which leads to different gap between chapter number and TOC entry.That looks different from MS Word.
  3. Jump info will be lost when loading MS Word TOC created by un-checking "Use hyperlinks instead of page numbers". For this kind of TOC,end users can only press ctrl+mouse to click the page number of the TOC entry for jumping in MS Word.
  4. The customized character attributes will be lost when loading MS Word TOC created by un-checking "Use hyperlinks instead of page numbers". To this kind of TOC,the customized character attributes of the target paragraphs can be collected into TOC in MS Word.

Fan Zheng,
Oliver-Rainer Wittmann,
Cheng Jian Hong


Feature design wiki .


3layer drop


In progress



new logo


In progress








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