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This wiki is to trace the sidebar feature development effort in AOO 4.0.
We are going to consolidate the background, UX design and development/testing status and related action items in this wiki.

The goal of the sidebar feature is to enhance user experience by adding sidebar for 3 apps: Writer, Impress & Calc.

Sidebar Background

For AOO, there is already a UNO API for plugable sidebar controls in general.  There is a C++ framework for the side bar used in Impress.

For Symphony sidebar, we can get detailed introduction here.

UX Design Explorations

Sidebar UX design explorations by Kevin Grignon can be found on the AOO UX wiki:

Per the discussion in the mail thread, Beveled tab option is preferred.

AOO Sidebar Framework Investigation

Sidebar framework technical investigations by Andre Fischer can be found on the AOO Dev wiki:

Development Plan

Following are development plan items:






Look & Feel design explorations


Kevin Grignon



AOO sidebar framework investigation


Andre Fischer







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