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  • AOO 4.1 Release Planning
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The following table is intended to collect and document new features, enhancements or other working areas related to the AOO 4.1 release.

The status can be tracked highlevel for example by using the colors ok/done, in progress and open/missing .

More detailed description or potential specifications (as base for documentation, QA, development) should be provided on demand on linked feature sub-pages. And a corresponding Bugzilla ID should be provided for detailed tracking.

Proposed Release Schedule

  • <TBD> - Feature Development
  • <TBD> - FVT & Beta Testing
  • early 1Q, 2014 ? - 4.1 Beta
  • <TBD> - Full Regression Test & Defect Fix
  • <TBD> - Translation
  • <TBD> - RC1
  • <TBD> - RC2 (optional)
  • later 1Q, 2014 ? - 4.1 GA

 The latest version in discussion integrated with Juergen and Yu Zhen's comments:

Jan 24, 2014 feature freeze

Jan 27, 2014 translation freeze (moved to Feb 24, ref: )

Feb ??, 2014 feature FVT finish (Juergen: I know in China is public holiday as well from Jan 31 - Feb 7) (Yu Zhen: It would be optimistic to finish feature FVT before Feb 13 as we are very behind the planned schedule because less of QA volunteers)

Feb 14, 2014 4.1 beta candidate (moved to Feb 28, ref: )

Feb 21, 2014 4.1 beta release for pubic review (Mar 9 released)

Feb 21 - ? full regression testing and bug fixing (Yu Zhen: We may not complete it before Mar 20(4 weeks) based on previous experience, it depends on QA resource and how many defects are found)

Mar 21, 2014 RC1? (move to Apr 9 ?)

Apr 1, 2014  GA?

Proposed Release Contents








Accessibility support

integrate iAccessibiltiy2 support to improve the usability

Yin Bing (Steve)

In Progress

Please refer the sub wiki for this feature.


Patch Mechanism in Windows

Enable the patch mechanism in Window, so that AOO can provide small and accumulated patches to customers.

Andre Fischer

In Progress



AOO Security Features without Mozilla


Herbert Duerr




Icon update

Samer Mansour

In Progress



In-place editing of Input Fields

I am working on a solution for issue 33737 [1] and I am making good progress.
I have started the documentation of the solution in our wiki - please have a look at It should be almost complete - may be I have forgotten the one or the other which will follow when I get notice of its missing.
If you are interested in this area, please have a look and provide feedback.
Thanks in advance.

Oliver-Rainer Wittmann




Integrating OOXML enhancement from the OSBA patch


Juergen Schmidt

In Progress


use case 4 - comments/annotations on text ranges

Oliver-Rainer WittmannIntegrated






New translation workflow


Jan Iversen

In Progress

central Makefile instead of


Jan Iversen

In Progress



64bit OSX Support


Herbert Duerr

In Progress








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