The AOO 4.1.1 release is a micro release which is a maintenance release to fix critical issues.

Proposed Release Schedule

Actual Aug. 28, 2014

Release Notes

See the 4.1.1. Release Notes page.

Proposed Release Content

Following queries are used to trace 4.1.1 defects:


Priority 1:

Issue 124891 - CRASH when 'View - close sidebar' with Navigator active - regression, since 4.1.0

Issue 125000 - CRASH when scroll through very large and complex .odt - regression, since 4.1.0

Issue 125024 - Crash: after applying the comment arises the problem with using table - regression, since 4.1.0

Issue 124717 - Embedded GDI Metafiles replaced by "Read Error" box after File - Save - data loss, introduced in 4.1.0

Issue 124877 - reset formatting behind special formattings hangs AOO - regression, hung, since 4.1.0


Priority 2:

Issue 124966 - Picture loss on save - data loss, since OOo 3.4 beta

Issue 124947 - Standard Filter in Fullscreen mode appears invisible, locks Calc Window - lock, since OOo 3.3

Issue 114361 - "Read Error" with embedded images after saving in Writer - data loss, since OOo 3.2

Issue 125030 - CRASH when open edit mode copy of older document.odt version - regression

Release Notes

The related release notes can be found under AOO 4.1.1 Release Notes

Test and QA Plan

The related test and QA plan can be found under AOO 4.1.1 Testing Plan

Developer Snapshots

Regular built developer snapshots for early testing that can be found under Unofficial Developer Builds for Apache OpenOffice 4.1.1

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