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  • Version: 4.1.0-dev

33 bugs found.

IDProductCompStatusSevSummaryChangedConfirm StatusConfirm Comment
124087Native-L lt UNCO nor Lithuanian (lt) translation update for OpenOffice 4.1.0 04:09:42  
124086App Dev api UNCO cri bridge test fails when compiling testtools 19:53:32App Dev ProductNeed developer confirm
124078Calc help UNCO maj The Data->Subtotals functionality not working properly in aoo 4.1.0 21:04:16  
124072Writer ui UNCO min Label 'Right' and 'Left' color is getting change between gray and black and vice versa on selecting alignment settings Tue 17:54  
124070Calc code UNCO min Mean value line - legend shows solid line instead selected style Tue 15:29  
124068Calc code UNCO nor Bar chart - axes are reversed Tue 15:09  
124063Calc editing UNCO nor Extension "Oracle Report Builder" causes broken charts with source range "all" Tue 12:40  
124062Installa update n UNCO maj Missing (unknown) publisher name in very first 'User Account Control ' dialog while doing installation Wed 07:37Can't reproduceNeed confirm furthur
124054General ui UNCO tri Typos in readme.html and readme.txt Sun 12:02  
124046General ui UNCO nor First Launch Message concerning not existing License agreement Sat 07:18  
124043General spell ch UNCO cri Spell Checker English US considers misspelled any word in document Sat 17:50On goingNeed more information
124040General ui UNCO nor Ability to embed fonts in ODF Fri 11:36  
124020Writer save-exp UNCO nor In PDF export particular Drawing missing 2014-01-13  
124019Writer save-exp UNCO nor In PDF export particular GDI Metafile much too small 2014-01-13  
124014Native-L de UNCO nor Find Help Heading Strings only works if checked 2014-01-12  
123977Calc code UNCO nor Negative value is generated when set the indent to 99pt in a cell Mon 02:45  
123976Installa ui UNCO nor UI (wrongly?) tells Personal Data would be transferred from 2 2014-01-06  
123872Writer editing UNCO nor Field Names show for User Variable Input Fields 2013-12-23  
123829Calc code UNCO nor Particular.ods cells show error "#VALUE!" instead of numbers as in AOO 4.0.1 2013-12-10  
123688App Dev api UNCO nor ARMV7L - App build fails on cppu_detail_getUnoType(int*) 2013-11-14  
123671Draw code UNCO nor [SVG] AOO should support the switch element 2013-11-10  
123632General accessib UNCO nor [ia2] Impress: Presentation Wizard: No focus events when selecting item in template list 2013-11-05  
123618Draw open-imp UNCO nor [SVG] filling of not closed Bezier curve is missing 2013-11-03  
123617Draw open-imp UNCO nor [SVG] flags in elliptic arc path data are not parsed correctly 2013-11-03  
123580Draw formatti UNCO nor Bitmap pattern should not be antialised in fillings 2013-10-31  
123574General code UNCO nor Update Code to Latest ICU 52.1 2013-10-30  
123571Writer configur UNCO cri Marks all words miss spelled (red underline) 2013-12-18  
123521Native-L ru UNCO nor Disambiguation Russian words must be divided 2013-10-25  
123520Writer editing UNCO nor autocorrection of russian accent mark words 2013-10-25  
123492Writer editing UNCO cri Russian language spell-checker and grammar for multi-valued words 2013-10-22  
123472General ui UNCO nor When selecting text, automatically select entire word 2013-10-13  
123410Draw open-imp UNCO nor [SVG] marker rotation wrong on line close line sequence in d attribute in path element 2013-11-03  
123268Calc editing UNCO nor Short delay after every edit causing auto calculation 2013-09-17  
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