We may not need CSS changes or changes to layout specifically. But the logo and branding should become more consistent.

Website's Artifacts


Currently (Feb 8, 2013)


OpenOffice.org Pages

Idea, migrate content from openoffice.org into openoffice.apache.org and have openoffice.org and its children redirect to their migrated pages. 
In time deprecate openoffice.org but own and manager the domain as an alias.

Unify the navigation paradigm, inconsistent on pages.
Choose an easier to read font.

Annoucement banner seems to become a regular piece of the website, is there a more effective manner to providing this functionality with the same or better convergence rate yet not be such an eye sore :S Or is that part of what makes it successful?

White space seems uneven in the header. Search bar is uneven.

Any screen captures need to be updated after 4.0 is release if UI is majorly different.

Apache Project Page

Possibly migrate content from oo.o site and deprecate to be only used as an alias.

Unified the navigation paradigm, good.

Single placement of logo in template.


Single logo that is placed into the template (I think).
This might be a confluence wiki setting rather than code change.
Infra might help here, we would provide replacement logo, it should be sized correctly.
(Actually we would need to work with Infrastructure and alter the page templates. A project volunteer might be needed during Confluence upgrades.)


Single logo in template.

Consistent.  Clean feel.

Home page content seems random.


Refers to incubation.

What is the context of the Google search box. 
There is no words to indicate its purpose. What context am I searching in.

Language selection is displayed twice.

Bad logos.

Icons in forums will need to be updated.

Inconsistent download badges.
(This must be addressed by first having dedicated volunteers who understand phpBB. Those volunteers would work with the Forum admins.)


Is there a way we can insert a brand logo on the home page?
Not a big deal, just a visual confirmation to the user they are in the right bug tracker.
(Once we have a correct logo then we need to contact the Bugzilla admins to find out if these are customizations that easily survive upgrades.)

Template and Extension Site Hosted on SourceForge

Styling almost matches MWiki, positive note.

Search boxes inconsistent.

(I believe that these are Drupal based. If asked I am sure that SourceForge would adjust the L&F as requested.)

Other Language Sites


Try to create a design that unifies these pages for announcements.  Helps our translators.
















Complete List



Idea use Pootle for website translation as well.

AOO Pootle Instance: https://translate.apache.org/projects/OOo_34/

Translation tool and Documentation:



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  1. Thanks David for the input.  After the hangouts on March 23-24, 2013 I will see what people think and what is higher priority.

    When we have artifacts to update those sites that are not controlled by AOO members, such as SourceForge or infra, I could serve at the point of contact.  I would reach out to another reliable member to be a back up in case of vacation/sickness. I will have artifacts and their placements documented.  A checklist for upgrades and steps to redeploy artifacts in case of disaster.

    I can't do this existing or legacy, but anything I update/create I can promise to provide that.

  2. Hi –

    I just added a quick site mockup with the new logo sized at 299 x 136.

    The logo is checked in to svn but nothing else.
    Changes to my local copy only.