1. Exploring AOO-Identifiable Elements

2.1 Gulls-Centric Logo Proposal (Drew Jensen, started 2011-12-03)

Given the vote on the mailing lists it did indeed seem time to put together first drafts of AOO logo proposals.

Proposed AOO podling logo - Dec 3 




300 x 100 px

90 dpi
white background

150 x 50 px

90 dpi
white background



Archive file containing:

vector source

90 dpi Web graphics
- solid white background
- transparent background

300 dpi Color graphics
- 3.33 inch x 1.11 inch
- 1.6 inch x .6 inch

All text elements in the source file use the M+ font family, available under a free license, including for commercial use, license.

The font installation files are available on the web at: http://mplus-fonts.sourceforge.jp/mplus-outline-fonts/index-en.html

Care was taken to, as best I could, create new art work in full compliance with the branding elements described here, OpenOffice.org Branding Guidelines draft

The original work is released under terms of the Apache 2.0 License.

Missing graphics - B/W and Grey scale, WEB and Print resolutions.

//drew Jensen

2.2 Additional Essential Logos

The full set of Essential-Logo proposals includes suggestions by Michael Acevedo and others. These are collected on the Essential Logo Proposals page.

3. Sidebar Occurrences

The install graphics will need updating, one simple solution - replace Oracle with AOO logo, leaving the OpenOffice.org logo in plce:

4. Plaques, Splashes, and Backgrounds

I had the idea to produce 4 plague type images as a way to explore merging the OO.o and AOO branding. I've finished one and started two more:

The first one is based on the poem, Dream catcher and includes the StarOffice butterfly.

The second one is based on a wall paper donation on the OO.o wiki from a number of years back and dealings with continuity - I've incorporated the ODF mime icons, and taken a bit of liberty with the final one in a pulsing ribbon - giving it just a touch of color.

Updated the image - little tweak to the text - and bring the StarOffice butterfly back once more. I would expect at least 2 more updates before the week is out - then on to number 3


Drafts using a "script" font created in inkscape.  It's a graphic rather than a line of text so no font license concerns

Various colours and BGs using some traditional bugs such as the birds.

Icons and Insignias

There are sets of icons and related insignias used in the software, in file systems, and on web sites.

The Old ones preceded the ones in monochrome grey tones. They may be used in initial builds until a new set of colored icons is agreed upon.

The ODF-Grey symbols use a grey shaded image with a panel that has a bright "ODF" sign. When the symbol is used for a non-ODF format, the panel is present but empty (plain grey).


Old Insignia

Old Icon


Base - .odb Database Document

Calc - .ods Spreadsheet

Calc - .ots Spreadsheet Template

Draw - .odg Drawing

Draw - .otg Drawing Template

Impress - .odp Presentation

Impress - .otp Presentation Template

Math - .odf Formula Document

Writer - .odm Master Document

Writer - .odt Text Document

Writer - .ott Text Template

Writer - .oth Web Template

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  1. I like the idea. It is a bit distracting that the "pache" does not match the weight of the "A" and the "Office".

    How does it look if that line is all set in the same weight?

  2. Nice proposal, so the "pache" part looks a little heavy. The reason for this is that you are using a font type with small capitals.

    pro: similar to the old logo
    con: no feather

    But do we need a feather?

    I would like to see a logo like this one in an office suite very soon. Thumbs up.

  3. I like the replacements with the same-weight font all the way across much better. I notice that the black text looks slightly heavier, but I think it is a matter of the stronger contrast (and maybe the pixels that get turned off to make black versus blue). To my eyes, the blue text is a bit fuzzy. (The blue that our names appear in on this wiki is sharper for me.) This may be the results of many things not under anyone's control. But the blue just doesn't have the same amount of "pop."

    I don't think we need the feather just yet. Maybe that is the prize for leaving incubation?

  4. I like those buttons.

    The side-panel with the Apache OpenOffice, the botton, and the Incubator logo is fine. We need to find one of those with a transparent background though. That should be possible.

    (Edit: On reflection, I think I would put the Apache OpenOffice logo version, with the "incubating" underneath on top, a button in the middle near the bottom, and a no-background Apache Incubator feather and link at the bottom.)

  5. OK, I like the new one with the feather next to "incubating."

    I would, however, not Apache OpenOffice at the bottom, I would put that at the top in place of the OpenOffice.org text (but keep the gull wings).

    This would take the button off the bottom (better visually) and keep the essential identification on the top.

    This is, of course, a vote for removing OpenOffice.org from the name of the release.

    It might be helpful to keep the incubator URL, but that could stay on the bottom by itself.

    1. The 4th side-panel image is great. If we can make the background transparent behind the "Apache Incubator Project" at the bottom I think that will be perfect.

  6. I added some of the icons that are being discussed. I like the designs in the grey ones but not the ODF and not the lack of color.

    What I would rather see, along with color, is the Gull button rather than the ODF symbol. The button would not appear for non-OO.o native formats.

    In thinking about the feather, one thing we have to be careful of is that careless use of the trademarks on downstream repackagings has to be discouraged somehow.

    Having said that, I don't know of a sanitary way to ensure it.

  7. I changed the podling site to use the new logo. I used the 100x300 version.

  8. Drew,

    The incubator has a specific logo that includes the feather and some eggs. You should be using that and not making up a new logo.

    Or, you probably need to ask the Incubator PMC what they think.

    I really like what you've done otherwise.


    1. Ah yes, the guidelines are here: http://incubator.apache.org/guides/branding.html

      I didn't think to check.

      It is a SHOULD however, for web sites. I'm not sure how it applies to imagery in podling releases.

      It looks like we need mentor review and probably Incubator PMC approval in some manner, assuming everything else is square with branding.

      And I like it Drew's latest version too.

  9. Hello,

    I'm using Google to write, sorry errors.

    I live in Brazil (Fortaleza, Ceará), follow the OpenOfice since version 1.1.2.

    And as I like drawing too, I decided to create some pieces, I can not use the Wiki, so here are my: