What Hosts Are Involved?

  • wiki.openoffice.org
  • forums.openoffice.org

What Skill Levels Are Needed by an Admin?

  • ubuntu (all aux service hosts areubuntu 12.04) 
  • apt-get, apparmor
  •  httpd, local installation as defined in ASF
  • php, generic installation
  •  puppet, config as defined in ASF
  •  sshd, config as defined in ASF
  • svn, usage depend on the single server, but in general all static changes are defined here
  •  apbackup, as used by ASF
  •  memcached
  •  mysql
  • /root/bin, helper scripts
  •  security applications, as defined in ASF (details are on purpose not given to a public list).

Service Specific Skills

  • ooo-wiki:  MediaWiki, ATS
  • ooo-forums: php2bb (remark multiforum setup with links)

Service Alerts

Via Nagios and circonus standard setup.

Detected alerts goes to #asfinfra, infra-team and vm-team.

Proposed Admin Roles and further discussion:

Admin roles for auxiliary services


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