Branding Collateral

Desktop Application

Consistent look and feel across the desktop product.

  • Install Banner
  • Shell Icons
    • Application Icons
    • File Type Association Icons
  • Splash Screen
  • Start Screen
  • About Screen


Some services by infra may not be styled or customized.  But logos and references to the past such as incubation should be updated.



End User Website

Project Home Page

Application Wiki (Developers & End User)

Confluence Wiki (For Project Planning)


Bugzilla Bug Tracker

Templates & Extensions (hosted by SourceForge) / 

Social Networks

These services are hosted externally, but do use branding in profile pictures, etc. Some services use two images, one smaller one for an avatar, and another larger one for the profile page. Check the service documentation for specific size and aspect ratio requirements.

Branding Consistency

All branding collateral must correct refer to "Apache OpenOffice" and no longer as an incubation project.  It is important we update discrepancies and keep this consistent.

All branding using a logo to represent the project must be the official logo which can be downloaded from the attachments on this page.

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