Import code


Ensure building works:

  • For each relevant platform (likely a subset of Linux x86 aka unxlngi6, Linux x86_64 aka unxlngx6, Mac OS X x86 aka unxmacxi, Solaris x86 aka unxsoli4, Solaris SPARC 32-bit aka unxsols4, Windows x86 aka wntmsci12), more-or-less precisely state a build environment (compiler tool chain, external headers and libraries, etc.) and a (preferably short) list of configure arguments that lead to a successful build.


Ensure "developer tests" (intended to be executed at build-time) work:

  • Ensure the smoke test works by issuing the build --all command from module smoketestoo_native.
  • Ensure that there are no regressions in the warning-free-ness of the code via configure --enable-werror.

Ip clearance

  • list of incompatible : TODO : link to file in svn