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This page contains info related to the OpenOffice Builds as tested on ASF hardware and the build host VMs.

Updating the build configs and build dependencies

There are two main places where we update the configurations for these builds

  1. In SVN the Buildbot steps can be viewed and updated by any Committer at openofficeorg.conf
  2. In Git in the Infrastructure puppet repo software dependencies can be updated via Pull Requests.
    2c. buildbot_slave/manifests/init.pp

Slaves not yet puppetised please file an INFRA ticket (component Buildbot) for any dependent software installations/changes.

To manually trigger a build ahead of schedule join IRC Freenode channel #asftest and force a build using the ooo-bot.

Buildbot builds and host VM information matrix

BuildHost VMFrequencyBuild timesBranchPlatformBuild artifactsLast Build
openoffice-linux64-nightlybb_slave4_ubuntuNightly~ 11 hrstrunkUbuntu 14.04 64 bitLogs - Binaries


openoffice-linux64-41xbb_slave4_ubuntuSunday~ 10 hrsAOO415Ubuntu 14.04 64 bitLogs - Binaries


openoffice-nightly-ratbb_slave4_ubuntuNightly~ 7 minstrunkUbuntu 14.04 64 bitRAT report


openoffice-nightly-rat-aoo414bb_slave4_ubuntuNightly~ 7 minsAOO415Ubuntu 14.04 64 bitRAT report


openoffice-linux32-nightlybb_slave5_ubuntuNightly~ 9 hrstrunkUbuntu 14.04 32 bitLogs - Binaries


openoffice-linux32-41xbb_slave5_ubuntuSaturday~ 34 hrsAOO415Ubuntu 14.04 32 bitLogs - Binaries


aoo-w741xbb-win10Friday~ 11 hrsAOO415Windows 10 64 bitLogs - Binaries


aoo-win7bb-win10Nightly~ 11 hrstrunkWindows 10 64 bit
Logs - Binaries


openoffice-fbsd-nightlybb-fbsd2_64bit--trunkFreeBSD 10.1-RELEASELogs - Binaries



More information on these builds, their results and any artifacts they upload can be found here.

Discussion on changing these builds should occur on the OpenOffice Dev list - please do not just change configs without
notifying the dev mailing list.

additional Resources

Buildbot documentation 0.8.9

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