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  1. April 3, 2012 Meeting Minutes

    First call held on April 3, 2012

    Participants agreed that any and all decisions will be made through the mailing lists.
    Minutes will be shared through the mailing lists for those who were not able to join the call.
    Overall conclusion was that conference call was helpful to gather momentum in the Marketing community and a frequency of approximately every 2 weeks was worth scheduling.

    Suggestion to use the existing Market Planning section of this wiki was made and implemented.

    I will schedule our next call through the mailing list.

  2. April 17, 2012 Meeting Minutes

    Less than 10 participants

    Discussed ways to attract new developers.

    • Suggestion to create a list (classified advertisement) that might be related to items in Bugzilla that would describe what knowledge was needed, a time estimate and list a mentor for help with this item.
    • Thought was that we needed to show people with little history that they could easily contribute and get involved and learn as they did
    • Attendance and participation in "Hacker" shows/events might be a good way to attract some new talent

    With 3.4 release coming soon discussion around messages to end users, developers ..

    • Why should I upgrade to AOO 3.4 ... what's in it for me ( end user focused)
    • What does the Apache license enable me to do with the code
      + End User - use it at home/ at work /make copies . give it to my friends .. use it at school .. blog about it etc .
      + Developers - What does the apache license allow me to do .... make my own distro .. add value .. include in something else ... create a custom version etc ..

    General feeling that we need to identify and prepare material for Events/Conferences

    • Have material ready so local people can particpate
    • Find way to leverage existing Apache conferences to attract people already working in the "Apache Way" to contribute to AOO

    Team suggested the next call be in approx. 30 days to allow 3.4 to launch

  3. Would help to have an agenda of upcoming call conferences.