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Deployment QA and Experience

This section is for capture of scenarios applicable to the deployment of Apache OpenOffice binary releases. This can be viewed as the part of the end-to-end lifecycle that users observe and experience. It is not so deep into features of the release as it is to how it is placed in user hands, set-up, configured, adjusted, updated, replaced, removed, etc.

One way to approach this is to capture scenarios and annotate them, tie to bug reports, provide screen captures, etc. The scenarios can be updated as new builds are reviewed for changes that alter the scenario and the user experience with it.

Installation Process

Initial Assumptions

The user has downloaded an installation file or set of files.

The install process is taken through to completion and some simple confirmation that the release is installed and functioning.

If there is an initial-execution setup, that is included.

Installation Scenarios

  1. Windows Full Install (English x86)
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