Design Hangout Agenda

First Hangout
Saturday Mar 23rd 4PM (GMT 0:00) : 9AM PDT, 12PM EDT, 4PM GMT, 9:30PM IST, 12AM SGT (Sunday)

Second Hangout
Sunday Mar 24th 12PM (GMT 0:00) : 5AM PDT, 8AM EDT, 12PM GMT, 5:30PM IST, 8PM SGT

Join us on in chat on day of:
Chat Room:

Join us via our Google Hangout Youtube stream:
Link will be announced via facebook and google+ group day of.
Visit our social pages day of the events get link.

Moderator: Samer Mansour

Welcome / Roll Call - 10 mins

Rules - 1 min
- Follow the agenda and stay on topic. Samer will be enforcing this.
- Don't interrupt people speaking. Instead signal, wave / raise hand.  I will queue people in order.
- I will interrupt if repetitive / the same point is being made (moderating to drive conclusion, its what I do).

First Item - Run Through Artifacts - 10 mins
Application and launcher -
Desktop Icons -
Installation -
Logo -
Social Sites -
Websites (big part) -

Questions about artifacts - 5 mins

Second Item - Outline A Rough Goal - 15 mins
- Set some goal posts and lets try not to move them during review.
- We will tackle items later based on these and then we can figure who can commit to do what.
- Any items we can't fill will be posted to marketing page for work/help.

Third Item - Review Logo Explorations 30-40 mins
-I will moderate the group through each of the designs on that page.

Revisit Goals - 10 mins
- From what we saw what works, what didn't.
- Assignment of work if possible.

Closing Comments and Q&A - Remainder of 30 mins

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