The Documentation team needs volunteers in the following areas:

  • Authors to write new content
  • Editors to review drafts and improve them
  • Translators to take documentation and translate it into other languages
  • Graphic artists to help with images, from diagrams/figures to cover art.
  • Toolsmiths to write tools to help automate common tasks, like document conversions.

Please keep this list in alphabetical order by family name.

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Volunteer Name

Area of interest

Leah Backus

Author, Editor

Jaret BasdenAuthor
Ricardo Berlasso (rgb-es)

Author, Translator

Heather BloomerAuthor, Proofreader
Stefan BorodaAuthor, Editor, Proofreader, Graphic Artist

Liselle Canham

Author, Editor

Hans-Peter Carpenter

Author, Translator

Daria ChurkinaAuthor, Editor
Bilal ColemanAuthor, Editor, Proofreader
Robert FarrellAuthor, Editor

Nikita Fernandez

Author, Editor, Graphic Artist, Proofreader

T.J. Frazier

Toolsmith, Proofreader

Sylvia Greenberg

Author, Editor

Erica Gregory

Author, Editor, Graphic Artist 

Dennis E. Hamilton Author, Editor 

Nayana Holanda de Abreu

Author, Translator 

Michael Humpherys

Author, Editor

Angelique KillebrewAuthor, Editor

Shane Knezevich 

Author, Editor

Ľubomír KrálikEditor, Translator
Amy MasonAuthor, Editor

Keith N. McKenna

Author, Editor, Proofreader

Owen Morrill

Author, Editor

Gamo NanaAuthor, Editor
Allison NonkoAuthor, Editor, Proofreader
Caroline O'Brien Author, Editor, Proofreader 
Nadeem PatelAuthor, Editor, Reviewer, Graphic Artist
Alfred RenAuthor, Editor
Leo RomeroAuthor, Editor, Graphic artist
Jesse ScanlanAuthor, Editor

Erik Schwab

Author, Editor, Proofreader

Natasha Selvey

Author, Editor

Josh Severn

Proofreader, Editor, Author

Jeremy Sweeney

Author, Editor, Proofreader

Isha ThakerAuthor, Editor, Proofreader 
Jake Thomas Author, Editor, Graphic Artist, Proofreader
Aarti VarmaAuthor, Editor

Steven Vollmer 

Editor, Graphic Artist

Andy Walton

Author, Editor

Guy Waterval

Translator fr, Proofreader

Rob Weir

Author, Editor

Rosie Yohannan

Author, Editor

Brandon Youngdale

Author, Editor, Proofreader

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