Software Repositories

The following table lists the major unofficial download sites for OpenOffice:

Note:  inclusion on this list does not imply endorsement or approval by the Apache OpenOffice project.  This list is merely a list that we are reviewing.



Most-recent version hosted

Platform/Languages Hosted

Updated to Apache Branding?

Description/comments accurate?

Other comments/concerns

AOO 3.4


Partial.  Title is correct, but description refers to "".

Some errors:

1. License is stated as LGPL

2. "Note: As of April 2011, commercial development of project has been terminated. LibreOffice, a fork of OpenOffice is now available for download here"


Rob send a note via their online comment form pointing out that the fact that they are hosting AOO 3.4.0 from May 2012 is proof that development of OpenOffice did not end in April 2011.

No response or correction yet.


AOO 3.4.0




Good job!


AOO 3.4.0


They do not host the binaries.  Instead they point directly to the SourceForge copy.

Partial.  It is referred to as "Apache"

No glaring errors.

Comments are generally positive, though the numerical rating does not seem to correspond with the comments.

UI is a bit spammy.  I was fooled into clicking download links that were not really for AOO, but for other things.

Heise Software Verzeichnis

AOO 3.4.0

Windows XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, Vista, 7, Linux, Mac OS X/Intel

de (full install), en-US (langpack)

They host the binaries, incl. virus check.

No branding, no graphics/logos.  Title and description is talking about "OpenOffice".

Product description refers to versions "3.0" and "3.20". Totally outdated.

Only 1 comment from 2012 and this is the usual rant about AOO vs. LO.

No links pointing back to AOO project or Apache at all.


AOO 3.4.0

Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista


Not at all. No branding/graphics/logos. Title and Description refers to "".


They still offer OOo 3.4.0 Beta (French language site)

AOO 3.4.0


They don't host directly but redirect to SourceForge

No Apache branding.

Except for the branding issue, the description is accurate.

We're their #2 download, behind Adobe Acrobat Reader.







Softonic (Italian)

AOO 3.4.0

Windows (it)

Partially updated but with imprecise information (e.g., "OpenOffice" being the old name and "Apache" the new one)

Acceptable but outdated, with many references to 3.0

They offer very prominently their downloader/installer (which I didn't try) and, less visibly, the SF link.

AOO 3.4.0






AOO 3.4.0

A repackaged Windows version including 5 languages.




Paid Placements

The following websites are linked to from 3rd party paid placement advertisements in Google or Bing search engines, or via spam on Twitter or similar means.  They are not official download sites for OpenOffice.   The Apache OpenOffice project cannot vouch for these sites. 

Users are invited to record their experience with the sites.


Where seen?


Google advertisement for query "openoffice download"

Google advertisement for query "openoffice download"

Bing advertisement for query "openoffice"

Bing advertisement for query "openoffice"

Bing advertisement for query "openoffice"

Bing advertisement for query "openoffice"


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