petko 13:08 Uhr
Hello, I got some question. OpenOffice is currently on SVN. We had decided long ago that we want to move to gitbox. My understanding is that we already have a gitbox as readonly. Can we switch the read allowances so SVN can still be checked out, but check in works via Gitbox?
And the other one is if we can use github to accept pushes then?
Gavin McDonald 12:14 Uhr
you dont have a Gitbox repos, Gitbox is always r/w.
you do have a Github Mirror of your SVN repos
if you fully move to Github/Gitbox, SVN will be turned off completely
petko 12:16 Uhr
I see. We do that through self service page here:
Gavin McDonald 12:19 Uhr
normally yes, however that script creates a Gitbox repos AND a Github repos, and you already have the latter. Best thing is file a ticket. You will then:-
1. Verify Github repos is upto date and correct
2. we mark SVN read only
3. we clone the Github repos into Gitbox
4. we make them both writable
some parts of svn can remain writable, such as website code for cms etc
(but heads up! The CMS is also deprecated and we want you off of that too , soon)
petko 12:21 Uhr
yea that would be smart. Do you need a list on folders that remain in SVN?
Yes we are aware off the depreciated CMS, and want to be off that too. (bearbeitet)
Gavin McDonald 12:22 Uhr
re svn, some projects just leave the code there, r/o, others delete it and add a README pointer to Gitbox/Github, so up to you.
petko 12:23 Uhr
Okay, that sounds great. R/O would be nice, and we could have a README Note on the process.
Gavin McDonald 12:23 Uhr
(deleting it just deletes HEAD, makes it tidy for you as a project, but doesnt really save space, so we dont care)
petko 12:25 Uhr
I see. Thanks Gavin for the Informations. For the CMS, will you have a deadline for that or can I stick to my own speed?
Gavin McDonald 12:26 Uhr
currently, your own speed, my aim is 3 months, unsure if that is reasonable, but we’ll see
petko 12:26 Uhr
So if it is up to you we should be gone in 3 month?
Gavin McDonald 12:26 Uhr
yep :leichtes_lächeln:
we have the main www site to migrate to something else, that and aoo are likley the biggest projects to move
petko 12:28 Uhr
Hmm, have you an Idea with what is something else?
Gavin McDonald 12:29 Uhr
we have a replacement that is almost ready - it is one alternative, we use Pelican + Buildbot to create sites - the source can be edited directly in Github! - then buildbot does the rest, builds , and publishes.
petko 12:29 Uhr
Sounds like the old solution, modernized.:nachdenklich:
Gavin McDonald 12:29 Uhr uses it
well, it gets rid of the CMS which we badly need to do
you can also edit locally, push to github, and the rest is done for you …
there is no staging site (currently) so that must be made clear - but github does pretty good previews of pages being edited , or if done locally one can install Pelican locally and that can do site previews …
as for migrating pages, CMS uses markdown for source files, so does Github/Pelican , so with some tweaks, shouldnt be too bad
petko 12:33 Uhr
I see. I will setup a mail and will push for a desicion what we do. And I try to get thinks moving with the goal to be off the cms in 3 month. But no promises.
Gavin McDonald 12:34 Uhr
that would be cool, thank you, and of course we are here to assist
petko 12:34 Uhr
I am not sure how many ressources we have currently :schläfrig:
petko 13:25 Uhr
@Gavin McDonald, can wehave more then one Gitbox? Lets say one for OpenOffice Core code, one for cms? Or how will that work out?
Gavin McDonald 13:26 Uhr
yep you can have as many as you like
petko 13:26 Uhr
Great thanks

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