What the Apache OpenOffice project provides for Linux users

  • "generic" rpm packages for 32- and 64-bit Linux
  • "generic" deb packages for 32- and 64-bit Linux
  • desktop-integration which includes Freedesktop specification integration. As you can see from the Freedesktop site,
    this specification is used by the most popular Linux environments, Gnome and KDE.
  • Instructions for command line installation on Linux can be found at: http://www.openoffice.org/download/common/instructions.html.

Why isn't Apache OpenOffice in my distribution's repository?

In short: those distributions that do not package Apache OpenOffice are lacking volunteers that will do the packaging.

The long answer to this question probably can not  answered to everyone's satisfaction. Depending on your Linux distro, either the administrative body for that distribution determines this, or the volunteers which contribute to your distro's repository make these decisions. So, in some cases, Apache OpenOffice has little input in this decision. But, if you are using a distribution which either allows for more user input, or maintains "community" repositories, you can effect this decision, either by packaging Apache OpenOffice for your Linux community repository, or by actively participating with your Linux community to help make this packaging happen.

For our part, Apache OpenOffice recognizes the need for more interaction with the Linux community and we will continue our communication with a number of distributions  to make finding OpenOffice in distribution repositories a reality. Currently, we feel utilizing  "community" repositories, rather than the formal repositories for distributions, in the best way to achieve this goal in the short term.

Comment: If some people want to collaborate bringing Apache OpenOffice to Debian I will help to do so. I myself have not enough experience to do it, esp. in compiling. (Mechtilde).

Information on creating an Apache OpenOffice package for some Linux distributions

  1. For Ubuntu users: use Ubuntu MOTU to create an Apache OpenOffice package. See also https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1131253
  2. For Fedora users: propose Apache OpenOffice as a new package for the distribution.
  3. For openSUSE users : How to contribute to Factory.
  4. For debian users: See the Developer's Corner for  information.
  5. For Linux Mint: No information on this capability for this distribution at this time.

Get more involved with your Linux community

And finally, if you love your Linux distro, but can't assist with packaging, the best way you can help to bring OpenOffice to your chosen distribution is get involved with your distro's community through mailing lists or fora and suggest that OpenOffice be included.

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