Here is a list Apache OpenOffice marketing activities.  Some are in-progress.  Others are just ideas.  If you are interested in getting involved with any of these activities, express your interest on the mailing list.  If you have other ideas, please add them.


Who is interested

For more information

1.0: Organize local events or represent AOO at regional or international events.  This might include staffing a booth and handing out brochures, or giving a presentation and/or demo.


Our events calendar is here:
If you know of an interesting local event, please add it and start a discussion on the mailing list about it.

2.0: Help design, conduct and analyze a survey of OpenOffice users, so we understand more fully who they are and what their needs and priorities are.

Graham Lauder
Kevin Grignon

3.0: Help with the brand refresh for Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (estimated release April 2013, but most brand work needs to be done in next month or so).

This might involve a public contest to design a new product logo.

Samer Mansour

Higher priority because other marketing activities have dependencies on this.

4.0: Help design custom landing pages for website to target more of the "long tail" of users who are unaware of OpenOffice, but where OpenOffice would be a great solution to their problems.    This is a mix of market analysis, copy writing and SEO.

Rob Weir

Analysis is ongoing on wiki:

5.0: Refresh existing marketing collateral, brochures, overview presentations.



6.0: Update our current list of OpenOffice-related books:
Contact publishers and/or authors to arrange an interview/profile of their book for our project blog



7.0: Review/refresh our Press Kit webpage:



8.0: Help promote our ecosystem by interviewing extension authors and profiling their work on a project blog post



9.0: Help extend our social networking reach by taking charge of a neglected property, like our Pinterest page



10.0: Create a video promo for Apache OpenOffice, highlighting the product and/or the community.
10.1 Create a HTML5 microsite for AOO 4 lauch, possible embedded video from 10.0.  Red carpet experience for new users. 

Samer Mansour

This is what users share socially (friends who never heard of AOO would be the primary audience).

Need help from someone with video editing skills.

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