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The ideal AOO NL homepage will:

  1. Have updated branding, noting that the project is now "Apache OpenOffice"
  2. Have a link to the most-recent version of the OOo or AOO in that language, or a link to the main page
  3. Not be making any commercial solicitations or asking for contributions.  Now that we are at Apache, we cannot do independent fundraising on these websites.
  4. Not be linking to copies of OOo hosted on 3rd party websites
  5. Look nice or at least not look bad, e.g., missing images, script errors, etc
  6. Send users seeking more information to the ooo-dev or ooo-L10n mailing lists, or to the community forums rather than direct referrals to former NL or Marketing leads.

The Audit

When reviewing each NL site, please consider the above criteria as well as common-sense.  Note any concerns in the column provided.



Afar (aa)

Nothing here but an English-language "under construction" notice

Albanian (sq)

Some good content, but very out of date.  Branding needs to be updated.  "download' link points to a 2.0 beta translation on SourceForge from 2005.  Refers to no-longer existing NL mailing list.

Afrikaans (af)

Sends user off-site to a version 2.2.1 translation hosted by

Amharic (am)

Nothing here but an English-language "under construction" notice

Arabic (ar)


Armenian (hy)


Asturian (ast)


Azeri (az)


Balochi (bal)


Basque (eu)


Bengali (bn)


Bosnian (bs)


Breton (bre)


Bulgarian (bg)


Burmese (my)


Catalan (ca)


ChiNyanja (NY)


正體中文 Chinese (tw)


简体中文 Chinese (cn)


Czech (cs)


Croatian (hr)


Danish (da)


Dutch (nl)


Dzongkha (dz)


Esperanto (eo)


Estonian (et)


Finnish (fi)


French (fr)


Friulian (fur)

The page is completely empty, and has always been. The last "lead" contacted Andrea Pescetti (Friuli is a region of Italy) to say he was giving up since after more than two years he didn't manage to find the time to actually help OpenOffice or any related projects.

Galician (gl)


Gaelic - Irish (ga)


Gaelic - Scottish (gd)


Georgian (ka)


German (de)


Greek (el)


Gujarati (gu)


Haitian Creole (ht)


Hebrew (he)


Hindi (hi)

A good amount of useful content here, but needs to be updated.  For downloads it has an offsite link to "build 644", very old, and the link is dead.

Hungarian (hu)


Icelandic (is)

Nothing here but an English-language "under construction" notice

Indonesian (id)


Irish Gaelic (ga)


Italiano (it)

Criteria 1-6 are OK, just a lot of redundant/outdated content around.

Japanese (ja)


Khmer (km)


Korean (ko)


Kurdish (ku)


Lao (lo)


Latvian (lv)


Lithuanian (lt)


Macedonian (mk)


Malayalam (ml)


Marathi (mr)


Malagasy (mg)


Malaysian (ms)


Miskito (miq)


Mongolian (mn)


Nepali (ne)

Single English language page pointing to ver. 2.1 build.

Norwegian (no)


Oromoo (om)


Papmiento (pap)


Pashto (ps)


Persian (fa)


Polish (pl)


Portuguese (pt)


Portuguese of Brasil (br)


Punjabi (pa)


Romanian (ro)


Russian (ru)


Sängö (sg)


Serbian (sr)


Shuswap (shs)


Sidama (dm)


Sinhala (si)


Slovenian (sl)


Slovakian (sk)


Somali (so)


Spanish (es)


Swedish (sv)


Tajik (tg)


Tamil (ta)


Tatar (tt-crh)


Telugu (te)


Thai (th)


Tibetan (bo)




Turkish (tr)


Ukrainian (uk)


Urdu (urd)


Uzbek (uz)


Vietnamese (vi)


Welsh (cy)


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