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  • Not able to embedd OLE objects on windows 7 platform
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We observed this issue that OpenOffice 3.3 is not able to embed OLE onjects on Wondows 7 platform. It displays and error called "create pakage". Once we give path of the document in the create pakage dialog box it again opens up the same box when trying to open the object.

We have many expectations with OpenOffice 3.4 but sadly when tested on 3.4 the same results were reflected. Anybody out there faced similar kind of issue? Any workaround or solution for this issue?

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  1. Is there a bugzilla issue about this? If not, can you create one please? This is not a good place to resolve a bug.

    Can you provide something that can be used to reproduce the error?

    What kind of document are you attempting to embed the OLE object into.

    How are you doing the embedding (from a file, etc.). What kind of object is it?