This document is to record the status of OOXML export. The achievements record below have been committed to branch

I will enable calc first, then writer and impress. Common objects/attributes/functions will be first, then advanced ones. Currently all achievements are for calc

Last Update: 03/14/2014



  • Spreadsheet
  1. Basic cell contents can be exported correctly
  2. Cell border can be exported correctly
  3. Cell background color can be exported correctly, but hatch and gradient cannot. That's because of feature limitation, AOO doesn't support hatch and gradient as cell background. So that's not problem of OOXML export.
  4. Font can be exported correctly
  5. Text alignment can be exported correctly
  6. Text rotation can be exported correctly
  7. Most of number formats can be exported correctly, but some fraction number formats like 'as sixteenth', 'as tenth', 'as hundreds' cannot. The error happens on loading OOXML as well as loading XLS, seems core function doesn't support these kinds of number formats. So that's not problem of OOXML export.
  8. Data validations can be exported correctly
  9. Most of formulas can be exported correctly. I only find two formulas RIGHTB and DATEDIF export error so far. For RIGHTB it was already wrong when loading, so it's not problem of OOXML export. For DATEDIF, it is a unsupported formula in AOO, and doesn't exist in function list of Excel, when input it in input line of Excel, no tip for this formula, but Excel can calculate it.
  10. Data filters can be exported but has issue (in Current Problem 2)
  11. Simple conditional format can be exported but has issue (in Current Problem 3)
  12. Comments can be exported but has issue (in Current Problem 4)
  13. Some basic shapes can be exported.
  • Presentation
  1. PPTX framework enabled. But only a very simple structure of PPTX are exported so that MS Office 2010 cannot open it.
  • Document
  1. DOCX framework enabled(See Current Problems 3)


  1. Graphic and shape export.

Current Problems:

  1. Although some custom shapes can be exported but has some differences with the original ones.
  2. When export advanced filter to XLSX, additional instant filter will be created in the source range.
  3. Current AOO core function only support simple conditional format, many Excel 2010 functions such as data bars, icons, are not supported neither by core function nor OOXML export
  4. Comments property position and size cannot be kept in OOXML export
  5. When export a DOCX file, a error thrown, seems component register failed.

Other issues:

Because OOXML export is really a big project, now there are only two developers working on this. Need more volunteers.

Test Samples

Sample FilesComment
First part of test samples for XLSX basic content25 XLSXs for basic spreadsheet content



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