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Mailing list transition needs to be managed. The current handles both email forwarding and e-mail lists and there is a connection between User IDs and e-mail addresses.


Will we need to shutdown forwarders or can we expand Apache Infrastructure to allow existing ones to be phased out?

Are existing email addresses embedded in the user forums, wikis, bugzilla and other content?

  • The bugzilla is loaded with *@ e-mail addresses and some of the default addresses built in automatically are also *@
  • The Forums seem to use a hidden e-mail and all of the users are identified in Forum postings to a profile. The user profile has an e-mail option so that an user can be reached by e-mail, but the e-mail address is not disclosed. I'm sure many of these are *@, although I see that my Apache Observer user ends up with mail to orcmid@
  • Some services use *@ * addresses as senders (and bounce recipients, I suppose). Those should be dealt with when the service is migrated/replaced.
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  1. Would someone knowledgeable be kind enough to post the name of the forwarding package, so I can look it up? I find it very useful to know what I'm talking about.