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This document should serve as a requirements guide for any Apache OpenOffice release post 4.1.1.


The following buildbots need to be available to generate Apache OpenOffice binaries

Mac OS/X ver 10.7 arielch, arist
Windows 72015-04-05infra

Linux 32 (CentOS 5)



Linux 64 (CentOS 5) arielch


Binary Sizes and Languages

PlatformSpace Requirement (MB)
Mac OS/X~171
Windows 7~125
Linux 32~142
Linux 64~ 153


Sizes given for Linux builds are the larger *tar.gz packages. See current buildbot listings for additional information.

Complete installation packs for 41 languages were created for version 4.1.1. Separate language packs, ranging in size from 12 - 19MB, were also created for these languages.

Currently, it looks like 8 new languages are nearly ready to be added to the next release.

Checksum and keys generation

Each distributed binary should be signed and checksums should be generated. In the past, we have generated MD5 and SHA256 checksums.


Release Manager

The general duties of a Release Manager are given in the following links:

In addition to the typical distribution activities described in the above document, the Aache OpenOffice  Release Manager has also had responsibility of providing the binary packages and their certification entities to SourceForge, our distribution partner.








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