Compiled from mailing list thread:




Code developer

Develops OpenOffice code


Web/wiki developer

Develops or edit areas for the project and user portal websites, and MediaWiki.


Forum admin

Forum administrator or moderator



OpenOffice QA team member or independent tester


UX practitioners

– needs definition –


Release manager

Single point of contact for releases. Provides instruction on what release number is considered for release. Charged with overseeing release voting, management of release notes, and providing release to primary mirror site.


Community manager internal / project(question)

– needs definition, possibly PMC Chair –


Marketing person external / ecosystem(question)

Develops marketing materials for OpenOffice. Main collaboration efforts via marketing mailing list. Interacts with developer list for marketing material approvals.


Press contact

Provides interviews and other "press" materials to external sources, possibly via blogs, OpenOffice social media outlets.


Distribution manager

Responsible for updating main website(s) when a new release is available and keeping snapshot build information current,. Providing and supporting main distribution mechanism -- asf, sourceforge.

marcus, kschenk, galoppini, jsc (?)

Buildbot admin

Helps with maintaining issues with the OpenOffice buildbots at apache – see output areas at:


Translators (l10n)

Uses pootle server to provide translations for OpenOffice product. Provides translations for announcements, logs, and web sites.


Infrastructure coordinator/contact

Willing to contact and work with Apache infrastructure team via JIRA or IRC as needs arise.


Moderators for various MLs

Moderators for mailing lists described on: Apache requires 2 moderators per list.

– current moderators –

Mwiki admin

MediaWiki adminstration.

tj, imacat

BZ admin

Bugzilla administration

tj, thegurkha

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  1. I used bold on some role names to indicate where I think we should actually provide name(s), for our own internal benefit and that of visitors.