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NOTE: This page is obsolete and has been replaced by a dynamic space template and SHOULD NOT BE USED

General Remarks

Apache OpenOffice x.x.x is a <type of> release. <Other text as needed> All users of Apache OpenOffice x.x.x or earlier are advised to upgrade. You can download Apache OpenOffice 4.0.1 here.

Please review these Release Notes to learn what is new in this version as well as important remarks concerning known issues and their workarounds.

Our Bugzilla issue tracking database provides a detailed list of solved issues.

General areas of improvement include: <additional text as needed> Further details on each of these areas are below.

New Features

<None at this time>


Performance Improvements/Enhancements

<None at this time>

Other Improvements/Enhancements

<None at this time>

Removed/Retired Features

<None at this time>

Bug Fixes

See the list in Bugzilla

Additional Language Support

New translations available in Apache OpenOffice 4.x.x include:

Language (ISO Code)

Language (ISO Code)

Language (ISO Code)

Updated translations available in Apache OpenOffice 4.x.x include:

Language (ISO Code)

Language (ISO Code)

Language (ISO Code)

For a complete list of available languages and language packs see:

New and Updated Dictionaries

New Dictionaries

Language (ISO Code)Language (ISO Code)Language (ISO Code)

Updated Dictionaries

Language (ISO Code)Language (ISO Code)Language (ISO Code)

Note: The extension contains multiple variants. Only the en-GB dictionary has been updated.

Additional Platform Support

  • <None at this time>

Known Issues


Installation Information

Installation instructions can be found at:

Stay informed about Apache OpenOffice

You are encouraged to subscribe to the Apache OpenOffice announcement mailing list to receive important notifications such as product updates and security patches.  To subscribe you can send an email to:

You can also follow the project on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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  1. This is a proposed template to be used for generating Release Notes or Apache OpenOffice. All comments or changes are welcome. I will start a discussion thread in the dev mailing list or discussion.


  2. Added section for New Features as suggested in the dev list discussion.