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What systems to we need to migrate from the current web site?

  • Defect/issue tracking (Volunteers = ~ashanen)
  • Test automation scripts (Volunteers = ???)
  • Test cases (Volunteers = ???)
  • Test documents (Volunteers = ???)
  • Crash dump reception. This is going to be a problem.
    • Joost Andrae has kindly provided some useful comment:

      Hi TJ,

      I'm not sure if the backend infrastructure of the crash reporter can be hosted outside a trusted network and it's fairly complex as it contains debugging systems for all platforms available, as well as a big database which is tied to the Hamburg build infrastructure and it stores terabytes of debug information of mostly all builds done in Hamburg. The backend logic afaik is not opensourced. If there is a deep interest into this then someone at Apache needs to negotiate this with people involved.

      Most information about the communication (XML file format and Soap communication) from OOo to the backend can be read here:

In general, we need to make sure that QA tools in the repository have been contributed to Apache.