At the top of each page on there is a highlighted promotional link.   Since our website gets 750000+ visits per day, this link can be very effective for promoting important announcements, such as ApacheCon, or new releases.  We used it with great results to promote our AOO 4.0 brainstorming activity also.  In order to make the best use of this resource, the following table will collect promotions that we wish to highlight on the website.  Some can be scheduled for specific future times.  Others can be rotated in where time is available.

Please observe the typical length of the announcement text here.  There is not a lot of space here, considering the large font used, so keep it short and eye catching.  No one comes to the website looking for your message.  You need to catch their attention.




Announcing Apache OpenOffice 3.4


May 7-July 26

OpenOffice at ApacheCon Europe: Call for Papers now Open!

July 26-Aug 14

Keep up with the latest OpenOffice news, including new releases!

Aug 14-Aug 22

Announcing Apache OpenOffice 3.4.1!

Aug 22-Sep 24

Please help us collect and rate ideas for OpenOffice 4.0

Sep 24-Oct 1

Attend the OpenOffice Track at ApacheCon EU 2012!

Oct 1-Oct 18

OpenOffice graduates from the Apache Incubator!

Oct 18 - Nov 5

Like OpenOffice?  Like us on Facebook too! (Thanks)

Nov 5-













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