From Kevin Grignon, adjustments to kerning.  Original logo (Chris's version) on top, followed by Kevin's tuned version:

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  1. Hey all,

    I really like the font weight Chris chose for the OpenSans. It looks great.

    I made some small adjustments to the kerning to make O pe n Off ice render more like Open Office.


  2. in Original logo (Chris's version) the TM seems a bit too big and too dark? (compare to Stage 2 Logo Refinement)
    Regarding Kevin's tuned version - iteration 4:
    I agree with all steps beside the i dot size and new position. Are there opinions one the two versions and could be placing the dot in the original size between the two versions a solution?
    And like said before making TM a bit smaller and with lighter gray like for "Apache" would be better IMHO.

    EDIT Ah and I forgot: would be adding kerning space between n and O a good move? Especially in small sizes they seem a bit too near together... (wink)

  3. I would like it more if the TM were lighter like "Apache", and "Apache" was as dark/heavy as the TM is now. :}