Subpages of this page contain strategic plans for the various areas of the Apache OpenOffice project, including: the OpenOffice application, our development, translation, QA and support functions, the website, marketing and recruitment.

A strategic plan should be long-range in scope.  It is not what we need to do today or tomorrow or for the next release, but what we need to make progress on in the next few years.  It deals with the kinds of things that we miss if we are constantly focused only at what is immediately in front of us.

Components of a strategic plan might include:

  • An appraisal of where we are today, what works, what doesn't.
  • Analysis of where things are likely to evolve in the next few years.  What challenges and opportunities are coming?
  • What are the top high-level, high-priority things we should be aiming for?
  • What are some specific things that will need to happen to support these high-level goals?
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