The project has three websites which require migration and update. Two sites are migrating from the Apache CMS. One site is the update service and it will be supplemented.

Let's use this wiki page for planning.

  1. is a markdown site in the Apache CMS.
    1. Needs redesign like new banner and change from left navigation.
    2. Not complex.
    3. Migrate some of the developer resources on like Java docs, UNO etc to this site.
  2. is our premier user / marketing site. It has complexities which can be handled it was moved as a port in December 2011 with minimal change. (For information on the httpd.conf see HTTPD Conf)
    1. Template uses SSI to handle consistent banner, top navigation, and translation of several elements.
    2. 100 native language websites - some maintained and more not maintained. Some have unusual encoding.
    3. Download pages have a unique and special structure.
    4. The why pages are translated, but ...
    5. All the legacy pages are in an original html that is reformatted by the CMS. These pages should be discarded or transformed during migration.
  3. is update feeds.
    1. Update feeds must be kept (see:
    2. See Update Service Migration

Suggested approach.

  1. Design new site layout.
  2. Create new layout from the design.
  3. Identify rationale about what is
    1. Dropped.
    2. Rewritten manually.
    3. Copied from the html.
    4. Copied from the MediaWiki as mdtext.
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