AEC and Mic/Camera testing

This application enables almost all features available in the Camera/Microphone settings of SWF11.
You can test with a simple 1:1 meeting with somebody your best settings.

It is a very simple application that does nothing else then broadcasting streams

Installation of the Cam/Mic testing application

To have this testing application on your own OpenMeetings instance you need to download and copy the file:

To your local: $RED5_HOME/webapps/openmeetings/

You can then access it with: http://localhost:5080/openmeetings/test-setup.lzx.swf11.swf
(localhost of course needs to be replaced if you run your red5 server in the network).

Howto use it

You have to enter the rtmp address of your red5/openmeetings instance in the top bar and click "connect". You might see some success messages in the OpenLaszlo Debugger in the top right.

To broadcast your Cam/Mic: Select the settings on the left and click "startBroadcast".

Your partner for your 1:1 meetings should also navigate with the browser to this app, but instead of broadcasting he has to choose the "Play Broadcast" on the right after connecting to the red5/openmeetings instance.

Choosing the correct stream To watch somebody elses stream you have to enter the same streamname on the left and on the right!

To re-broadcast with different settings best method is to press F5 and restart the application!

AEC Features are enabled by default the checkbox to enable them is at the bottom of the Mic settings:

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