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Below is a list of companies providing installation, customization, hosting, conferencing and support services:

  • run by Sebastian Wagner, Maxim, Alexei, German, Denis, Irina, Vasily, the test server is
  • owned by PQP - IP Solutions, provides OpenMeetings setup, hosting and support from its office in Bremen, Germany
  • owned by Bilgin Yazar, Installation and Support Services, Türkiye kurulum ve teknik destek hizmetleri,
  • Perera provides OpenMeetings setup, hosting and support from its offices in Oxford, UK.
  • Jell Networks, US based company providing a full range of OpenMeetings services including hosting, customization, and support.
  • SASecurity Group Installation, customization and support in Belarus
  • edulivre! educação livre!
    (portuguese) Instalação, suporte e hospedagem para uso acadêmico, comercial e governamental.
    (English) Installation, customization, support and host. Demo server:
    (Español) La instalación, personalización, soporte y alojamiento. Demostración:
  • your company landing page and a test server here (wiki registration is open for all)

Here is a list of useful FAQ on commercial services 

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