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  • ISO Live OpenMeetings 1.9.1 in Ubuntu 11.04 to download
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--------  Celebrating OpenMeetings 11th anniversary  --------

-------- Old OpenMeetings version --------


Can find an ISO Live with OpenMeetings 1.9.1 installed on Ubuntu 11.04 and hard disk installation option on this link:



Below discuss all the information about users and key System, OpenMeetings, OpenMeetings-MySQL and MySQL.

— Ubuntu 11.04 —

root ...passwd=123456

user=guadal ...passwd=123456

— OpenMeetings 1.9.1 —

admin=toro ...passwd=123456
user=soles ...passwd=123456

  • OpenMeetings-MySQL -

user=openmeetings ...passwd=Z8f6W9i5

— MySQL —

root ...passwd=123456


The default language is spanish, to change it to standard english on the desktop:

Close User (guadal) session.

Log in the name only:

Name = guadal ENTER

Select english language.


password = ....empty(nothing) ENTER


This information is on the desktop in a folder called "EJEMPLOS" as well as in /home/guadal.

The folder "EJEMPLOS" in turn contains the compiled ffmpeg file.

If there is any doubt, please expose it in OpenMeetings list:

It has been tested in live mode and installed on hard disk with a positive result.

For the newers, the url to OpenMeetings server:


Thank you

Alvaro Bustos  (PMC and Commiter at Apache OpenMeetings)



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