Test Details

Test run below:

  • 140 users
  • staggered to enter in a time period around 5-10min
  • distributed into
    • 10 conference rooms 4x4 = 40 users
    • 3 webinars with 20 users each = 60 users
    • 1 webinar with 40 users = 40 users
  • Each test runs calls the API to login/createRoomHash and then load the URL with the room (plus start webcam/audio stream in the conference rooms)

The results look almost the same. There is hardly any improvement:

  • CPU still spikes to almost 100%, memory is not a problem
  • A lot of empty video pods as well as video pods where webcam stream didn't start


  • 4GB OpenMeetings 1 core
  • 4GB KMS 1 core

Link to dashboard

I will delete this dashboard shortly again


CPU and memory usage

Almost spiking to 97%, then flatting off once users are logged into the room.

Login web service call hits 10 seconds

Above is in seconds. I also checked the log file. The login web service call takes 10+ seconds! Other methods NOT. You can see the very slowly increase in the other methods (at least the ones I measure).

Database UserDao login method is by far the longest running one and hits plus 10 seconds

Some strange length in StreamProcessor onMessage messages

For some reason the StreamProcessor takes a long time processing messages at the end of the test

Tomcat active threads

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