Changes in this test

OpenMeetings v6.0.0-SNAPSHOT as of  

Test Details

Test run below:

  • 290 users
  • staggered to enter in a time period around 5-10min
  • distributed into
    • 20 conference rooms 4x4 = 80 users
    • 10 webinars with 21 users each = 210 users
  • Each test runs calls the API to login/createRoomHash and then load the URL with the room (plus start webcam/audio stream in the conference rooms)


  • 4GB OpenMeetings 2 core
  • 4GB KMS 2 core

Test Results

Mostly fine from user perspective, some late tests start to show some signs of being slow.

Link to dashboard



CPU and memory usage

Network usage

Network out bytes at almost 2GB

Screenshots from each room with Video Pods

Room1 to Room5

Room6 to Room10

Room11 to Room15

Room16 to Room20

Webinar1 to Webinar5

Webinar6 to Webinar10

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