Dear friends, 

I would like to offer my pdf manual v0.2.2 written for OpenMeetings Version here.

The three downloads include the original pdf-file, pdf2html converted html-file (, and a docx-file (created from pdf with Word 2019).

I recommend the pdf document which is the reference copy created from Latex. Comments and suggestions can be added to a pdf file with AcrobatReader (  In order to view/edit the HTML download and unpack the zip file. It contains a separate sub-folder with all the image resources that is not available if the html-file is accessed within the archive. The docx-file looks a bit weird but still is editable.

This manual is preliminary and quite incomplete, filled with lots and lots of questions which when answered would be a great help to finalize this manual.

The chapter "Running a Conference" is missing at all and will not be accomplished before the week after next week.

Also any suggestions to improve are welcome as well.

A python REST interfarce still quite preliminary, as calendar doesn't work yet properly, an I don't know where this problems resides. Anyway calendar is rarely used with the API.

See you later.


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