This plugin will add some features to zimbra like setting up meetings, inviting people and adding meetings to calender. The plugin would be using the REST API already implemented in openmeetings.


Dialog Description:

In the zimlet preference dialog the user can add upto 5 profiles ( each profile will be having username, password and the baseurl).
In the main dialog box the user selects the profile he want to use. Clicking on get rooms gets all the rooms on the selected profile. If the user wants to create a new room clicking on the create new room opens a new dialog asking for the details of the new room. There would be a drop down box for the language. The invitation password would be optional if the user wants to set a password for the invitation ( I am thinking to implement it dynamically with a checkbox which asks if the invitation is password protected, if checked it opens a text box to enter the password but I am not sure if dialogs can be updated dynamically.) Then there's meeting's timings (there would be a mini calender to select the date). After entering the date the user can check other appointments for that date by clicking on the check other appointments. There's checkboxes for selecting the validity of the hash (will change it to radiobuttons). The user would be having the option to send the invitation through SOAP or through zimbra.

Installing zimlet:

A javascript based zimlet needs the following files:

1. A Zimlet Description file (xml file) - This is where we describe Zimlet information, things like: Zimlet name, Zimlet version, user properties.

2. Zimlet JavaScript file

3. A CSS file to add style to the zimlet

4. A logo (optional)

These files have to be zipped and this .zip package is installed.

To install the zimlet login into zimbraAdmin, then go to Zimlets --> Deploy, select the zimlet and then upload and finally finish.

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