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  • Posting documents on the whiteboard with POI
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Sequence diagram of the process of conversion:

Here, only the use of the ".ppt" converter. With other converters - all the same.

Converting with a POI is disabled by default. To enable it instead jod - need to change value "use.poi.converters" from 0 to 1 in configuration screen of openmeetings.

After that, the process of loading document on the whiteboard is chages. For each loaded file, in folder Openmeetings\dist\red5{color}webapps\openmeetings\upload{color}files{generated_name} we can see a html file, which is the result of the conversion. Images can be found here, in the img folder.

The quality of the converted documents varies, depending on the file type. The table presents the relative quality assessment for each format.

File type














Examples for doc file:


In this version of module, converted documents are not displayed on the whiteboard. Development of the displaying is in progress. So now, when we try to upload a document on the whiteboard, we'll get an error:

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