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Internal name





Conference room

for 1-25 users



Webinar room

for 1-150 usres



Interview room

1:1 audio/video only room

[ roomTypesId 2 is not in use, 5 is a extension point for custom development and rooms ]

Conference room

  • 1 - 25 users max
  • user list with pictures next to each user name
  • "democratic" by default, every user can directly enable audio/video without need for asking
  • whiteboard, chat and files-section available by default
  • record the entire meeting

Webinar room

  • 1 - 150 users max
  • user list loading optimized for handling large capacitiy
  • "restricted" by default: Every regular user will need to ask if he wants to share audio/video
  • whiteboard and chat available by default
  • files section not available/visible for regular users
  • record the entire meeting

Interview room

  • only 2 users can have audio/video enabled (more users can be in the room and you can switch the audio/video between them of course)
  • chat available by default
  • record the audio/video only (a combined video of both streams will be produced from every recording)
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