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We are currently present on multiple social media channels, such as:

This page describes the process that allows anyone (part of the community) to suggest/submit new tweets, new medium articles, new slide decks or youtube videos as well as new events supposed to be listed.



  1. Submission to be made via an online form to be made available via
    Note: As long as we do not have such a form the submission has to be sent to our private mailing list
  2. Review to be performed by one of our social media "managers" (for now that is primarily Andreas Nauerz) who will primarily check whether the submission conforms to the below checklist
  3. In case the submission does not violate against the checklist it is supposed to be published
  4. Publications can be revoked if any PPMC members vetos along with a good reason why the submission should not have been published
    Note: If PPMC cannot agree, seek advice from the Apache Incubator PMC (and  perhaps Apache legal/trademark where we would likely be sent if it comes to this)


  • Is the content clearly of general interest with the aim to promote Apache OpenWhisk by demonstrating its strengths & value (by talking about use-cases, architectures, patterns, in-production usage, ...) in contrast to do advertisment for anything being commercial?
  • Does the content conform to "good manners" (not violating/offending anyone)?
  • Does the content use the right trademarks and copyright correctly?
  • Is there any sort of boilerplate disclaimer included?
  • Is the mention of a commercial service or product done in order to help users use Apache OpenWhisk, or does it serve as a general advertisement?
  • Does the risk of publishing the content outweigh the benefit of achieving our goals of graduating from the Incubator with a vibrant community?

Open items:

  • Online submission form (see above)
  • Vault to store credentials so other social media "managers" can act on Andreas Nauerz behalf

Social media "managers":



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