Ozone is a distributed key-value store that can efficiently manage both small and large files alike. While HDFS provides POSIX-like semantics, Ozone looks and behaves like an Object Store.

This series of articles will help you get started contributing to the Apache Hadoop Ozone project.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a distributed key-value store designed to scale to billions of objects and run on clusters of thousands of nodes.

Ozone supports RPC and S3 APIs as well as a Hadoop Compatible File System called OzoneFS.

Ozone is a work in progress and currently in alpha state. To try it out, please download a release from Ozone website.

Try it out!

The following page describes your options: Try out Ozone


Ozone is a part of the Apache Hadoop project. The bug tracking system for Ozone is under the Apache Jira project named HDDS.

If you are familiar with contributing to Apache Hadoop, then you already know everything you need to know to start filing Ozone bugs and submitting patches.

If you have never contributed to Apache Hadoop before, then you may find it useful to read How To Contribute.

What can I contribute?

We welcome contributions of:

  1. Code. File a bug and submit a patch, or pick up any one of the unassigned Jiras.
    1. Newbie Ozone jiras - https://s.apache.org/OzoneNewbieJiras
    2. All open and unassigned Ozone jiras - https://s.apache.org/OzoneUnassignedJiras.
  2. Documentation Improvements. You can submit improvements to either:
    1. Ozone website. Instructions are here: Modifying the Ozone Website
    2. Developer docs. These are markdown files checked into the Apache Hadoop Source tree. E.g. https://github.com/apache/ozone/blob/trunk/hadoop-hdds/docs/content/GettingStarted.md
    3. This wiki page. Please contact us at dev@ozone.apache.org and we can provide you write access to the wiki.
  3. Unit Tests (JUnit)
  4. Acceptance Tests. The Ozone source code includes a set of docker-based acceptance tests. See this guide for running the available acceptance tests - (moved) Running Ozone Smoke Tests and Unit Tests.
  5. or just file bugs. Bug reports pointing out broken functionality, docs, or suggestions for improvements are always welcome!

Who To Contact

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact dev@ozone.apache.org.

You can also interact with the community using GitHub Discussions

Additional information

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