Community Calls are open events to discuss the current state of the development, open questions and contribution possibilities.

The call is open to everybody. Please join if you are interested.

Topics can be suggested on the mailing list or in the subpage of this page.

There are two syncs:

Monday sync:

  1. Time: 05:00 PM UTC or Convert to your local time / invite
    1. West Coast: 9:00 AM
    2. East Coast: 12:00 PM
    3. Ireland / Great Britain: 05:00 PM
    4. Central Europe: 06:00 PM
    5. India: 10:30 PM
    6. China: 1:00 AM
  2. Zoom linkLocation:
  3. Meeting notes:  Meeting Notes
  4. Jira Dashboard: dashboard

Friday (Thursday Pacific) sync:

  1. Time: 05:15 AM UTC or Convert to your local time / invite
    1. West Coast: 11:15 PM (Thursday)
    2. East Coast: 2:15 AM (Friday)
    3. Ireland / Great Britain: 06:15 AM
    4. Central Europe: 07:15 AM
    5. India: 11:45 AM
    6. China: 14:15 PM
  2. Zoom link:
  3. The meeting will be hold in English and Mandarin alternatively.

Meeting Notes

Past meeting notes and proposed agenda for next week's meeting can be found under the child links of this document and/or on the mailing lists.

Note: This is an informal event. All the proposals/decisions will be shared in written form as meeting minutes on mailing lists/wiki, where the discussions can be continued.

If you would like to join the #Ozone Slack Channel, Please use this link to get self-invited and join the #ozone channel.

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